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Clark County Self Help

Mission Statement

The Clark Legal Self Help Center opened in May 2010 when the Chief Justice of Indiana, Randall Shepard, visited the Clark Circuit Court to join Judge Daniel Moore in the formal dedication. Judge Moore stated "I am honored that the Chief would make this visit to support The Center and the work of volunteers who work to  extend information about the legal system to the poor and disadvantaged."

In his dedication remarks, the Chief Justice spoke of the large number of Indiana citizens who have legal questions but simply don't know where to go to seek answers. The Center operates to provide guidance, information and referrals for people who get "served with papers" and are taken aback, even frightened, about the notion of having to appear in a courtroom. In the alternative, there are many people who cannot afford regular lawyer fees but wish to file a claim for relief in the courts. The Center provides small claims manuals, as well as a list of area lawyers who have notified the Center of a willingness to accept referrals. Those lists, and contact information for the Legal Volunteers group and Indiana Legal Services Inc. are made available at the Center Desk.

Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Melissa May also joined in the dedication program. Judge May is Chair of the Indiana Pro Bono Commission and voiced her support for this effort because of her view that the need people have for legal information is continuing and "organizations like this play an important part in meeting such needs." The Board of Planners for the Center is comprised of volunteer attorneys and Ms. Jill Oca CPA, who serves as Board Chair. The Board expresses ongoing thanks to the Clark County Commissioners , who have provided a courthouse location for Center volunteers to meet with citizens.
The Self Help Center has made student volunteer contacts with the University of Louisville School of Law, Indiana University Southeast and Ivy Tech. Lawyer volunteers and students are available at the Center on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:30 pm until 3:30 pm-or longer if needed. Center volunteers meet with 10-15 contacts each day it is open. Some 20 area attorneys have generously volunteered to staff the Center desk with a student . The focus of the work is for people with limited income or means. The Board of Planners specially thanks Mr. Norman Metzger of Indiana Legal Services Inc. for providing informational brochures on certain areas of law that can be given to people who meet with a volunteer at the Center.

Phase 2 of the Self Help operation, opened in the fall 2011, providing computer support from the Indiana Supreme Court website and other sources which may allow a person to fill out their own court documents for filing. The computer system was purchased and made possible through a generous outpouring of community support and donations for equipment and software to help citizens and to the Indiana Bar Foundation for its support and invormational materila. Judge Moore applauded the Chief Justice and the entire Supreme Court for making such advanced information available, whether from its own Court offices or through the Center at the local level via the Curt website. "We are fortunate to have a Supreme Court in Indiana with a clear vision to the needs of its citizens and how the legal system can try to meet their needs, now and in the the future" he said.


Executive Board Of Planners

Executive Board



Volunteer Attorneys

  • Andrew Adams
  • Frank Ballard
  • Robert G. Bottorff, II
  • John E. Brengle
  • Darlene Briscoe
  • Marianne Conrad
  • Judith DeSimone
  • Niles Driskell
  • Mary E. Fondris
  • Michael T. Foresee
  • Michael A. Gillenwater
  • James B. Hancock
  • J. Spencer Harmon
  • Matthew Jacobs
  • Rebecca Lockard
  • Michael M. Maschmeyer
  • David E. Mosely
  • Charles Murphy
  • Gregory M. Reger
  • Lisa Reger
  • Karen Renfro
  • Stanley E. Robinson, Jr.
  • J. Mark Robinson
  • Amy Semones
  • Carrie Stiller
  • Sally A. Thomas
  • Thomas R. Thomas, Sr.
  • Larry Wilder
  • John Woodward


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  • University of Louisville - Brandeis School of Law
  • Indiana University Southeast
  • Ivy Tech



  • George Weber
  • Karen Weber



Hours of Operations: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 or as needed)

To contact the Clark Legal Self Help Center call Sherry Routh at 285-6304 or email srouth@co.clark.in.us